Osteopathy for Children, presented by the Janet Meller Memorial Fund

Rydges Latimer, Christchurch

This was a unique conference, at the time of the Christchurch earthquakes donations were made to Christchurch Osteopaths. The small fund was used as seeding funds to start this conference.

The conference was held in honour of Janet Meller, a Christchurch Osteopath, who died in the CTV building. Her colleagues and industry peers on the committee, brought this conference together, held a tremendous sense of responsibility to ensure not only the delegates had a fantastic experience, but also the memory of Janet and all she stood for was up-held.

We were called in to manage the conference, once the committee realised that their skills lay in being Osteopaths not conference organisers! We got to work, on all the elements required to bring the conference together.

Osteopaths are quite literally hands-on people. So the conference included plenary sessions, but also practical workshops. It’s not often that part of the runsheet, included 40 practice tables, and linen for those tables!

Many delegates said it was a brilliant conference and they felt it would have made Janet proud. We hope so.